COMMUNIQUÉ: VBB Abogados: Experts, real estate lawyers in Barcelona

His birth was marked by the union of several offices with different specialties

but at the same time, complementary. Thanks to this, they can respond to many areas in a multidisciplinary way both to individuals and companies that have doubts about foreign investment, criminal law, real estate law or expatriate legal service, among others.

Located in the heart of Barcelona, ​​VBBAbogados offers a personalized and trustworthy treatment. In addition, they have a great international career, which allows working with professionals from around the world in a clear, fast and efficient way.

· Foreign investment: Law 14/2013 of September 27 on Support for Entrepreneurs and their Internationalization is very important. This law allows the country to attract new investors, experts in its field, and all that this entails (several procedures for them and their families). In VBB they are specialists in all the necessary steps, accompanying from the beginning to the end (advice, visa processing, authorizations, etc.) One of the most requested services is precisely the processing of the residence visa.

· Expat Legal Services: often foreign companies have doubts about the legal obligations that must be fulfilled in our country. There are many things that must be taken into account, so having a specialized lawyer can help streamline processes, especially if it is done in a comprehensive manner. Some services that are offered to expatriate individuals are: authorizations and procedures, housing management, procedures related to the purchase of properties, legal representation in communities of owners and defense of the interests of the client in all kinds of litigation. For companies, assistance is offered to establish the business from scratch, from all types of procedures and procedures to the contracting of services or assistance in possible lawsuits.

· Corporate criminal prevention: VBB helps companies to develop and define their corporate criminal prevention policy. It does so by exhaustively analyzing the different departments of the company to know the potential risks and act with efficiency and foresight. The resulting document, the Prevention Program, consists of duly drafted protocols, the establishment of efficient communication channels and bodies, supervision of the operation and training of the workforce.

· Criminal law: the experience in criminal matters is broad and the search for all possible options is prioritized in order to find the best strategy of action against any type of crime, whether against falsehood, public health, heritage, etc.

· Real estate and construction law: one of the specializations of the firm is the advice to companies and individuals in real estate and construction.

· Real estate and construction law: one of the specializations of the firm is the advice to companies and individuals in real estate and construction.

They also have other areas of practice, such as civil and international private law (where issues such as urban leases, inheritance, mortgage judgments or claim for debts), administrative law or those derived from property are managed. intellectual.

A good team of professionals The team that forms VBB Abogados is composed of several professionals with years of experience and sufficient knowledge to cover any of the doubts that arise. You can contact them through the website (where you can find a contact form) or by phone or email.

It is a law firm where comprehensive services are given, which is very practical if you want to deal with several issues, as this avoids having to consult several different professionals for every problem or doubt that may arise. It is not only a question of time but also economic, since “when a full service is contracted, it is usually better to go out of price than to hire each part of a different firm”. In addition, it is usually much more practical, because once in progress, one can forget and be calm that the negotiations are in good hands.